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Terminator Salvation will make a thrilling addition to any home game room. these machines have become really rare and expensive. Reply Delete. Terminator Salvation (2009 film) games. 99 or Best Offer Free shipping Free returns Sponsored. Reminds me of "T2: The Arcade Game" which was one my favorite arcade games when I was a kid. This patch updates the Aliens Extermination game software to remove some offensive language: Instructions for Creating the Patch Disk (Windows-Based Systems Only): Download the File. .

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99 Professionally Refurbished - Includes 1-Year Warranty! Check out any of our Florida Gulf Coast locations for our large selection of arcade games. To scroll through game list faster by LETTER, use “L1 & R1” 4. It is set in 2009, six years after the 2003 Judgment Day depicted in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. . Terminator Salvation Deluxe Arcade Shooting Game. . Player plays the role of John Connor during the war opposing the human resistance to the machines of Skynet. .